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ON FALLING, 2021-22

On Falling chronicles the thoughts of The Last Woman on Earth, found in her journals by researchers of the Transnational Women Writers Society. In her journals, The Last Woman on Earth meditates upon the transformation of her body in pre-apocalyptic world; her eyes turning into camera and her limbs slowly disintegrating. It is composed of images, still and moving, taken by The Last Woman on Earth with both her eyes and her camera.

On Falling is a tale for mourning and grieving the ongoing violence against women and women adjacent bodies. It features excerpts from and references to Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Bhanu Kapil, Cristina Rivera Garza and Cathy Park Hong. All women who have written about, or been victims of assault and violence. 

The voices in this video are the ones of Moyra Davey, Justine Kurland, Jacky Marshall and Philo Cohen.

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